Last year, more than 340 universities, colleges, businesses, government agencies and associations supported National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Being a champion is a way for you to officially show your support for National Cyber Security Awareness Month and your commitment to cybersecurity. Being a champion is easy and does not require any financial support. 

Champions include:
  • Industry: Companies of any size. 
  • Education: K-12 (school districts and individual schools), colleges and universities,
  • Non-profit organizations: community-based, statewide, national and international, trade and professional associations. 
  • Government: Federal, State, Local, and Tribal including municipalities, state agencies and smaller units within state or local governments. 

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Our Shared Responsibility Champion Approval Form October 2014

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is a national public awareness campaign to encourage everyone to protect their computers and our nation’s critical cyber infrastructure.

Champions of National Cyber Security Awareness Month recognize that individuals, organizations, business and government all share the responsibility to secure their part of cyber space and the networks they use. The steps we take may differ based on what we do online and our responsibilities. However, we all need to understand how individual actions have a collective impact on cyber security.

Note: The Board of Directors of the National Cyber Security Alliance reserves the right to review organizations wishing to become champions.


As an authorized representative of my company/organization, I hereby state that our organization agrees with the official Statement of Endorsement and endorses National Cyber Security Awareness Month. I acknowledge that the National Cyber Security Alliance and its partners may list our organization's name as an official endorser of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.


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