How you can support NCSAM

Libraries have become some of the most Internet-accessible locations in many communities. As a librarian, you are a respected authority on how to help your community stay safe and secure online. 

A great time to start sharing this information with community members is during National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), held each October. Whether you are able to show your support for just one day or every day in October, consider the following ways you can make a difference to raise cybersecurity awareness.

What you can do…

…in one minute:

  • Promote NCSAM on social networks. Find profile icons and sample posts to share on your social media platforms here.

…in one hour:

  • Have your library become an NCSAM Champion to show your support. It’s free and simple to sign up.

…in one day:

  • Review your library collection to be sure you have current books about online safety for kids and parents. Create a special display of these books to recognize NCSAM.

…all month long:

  • Host a series of educational presentations on cybersecurity topics such keeping kids safe online, online safety for seniors, and careers in cybersecurity. For youth-focused sessions consider using C-SAVE, a curriculum provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance to help volunteers teach young people cybersecurity, cybersafety and cyberethics.

…all year round:

  • Display STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ tips and posters near computers and work areas.
  • Review the library’s computer security policies and make sure they are up to date. Make sure you keep a clean machine and all computers have the latest operating system, software, web browsers and anti-virus protection. Computers should also be turned off when the library is closed.

Download: How Libraries Can Support NCSAM (PDF) 
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