Promote NCSAM on Social Networks

Use #CyberAware and NCSAM profile images all throughout October!

Some of the most simple and effective ways to show your support for National Cyber Security Awareness Month are through social media. Consider these easy ways to participate in NCSAM on social networks.
  • Use the NCSAM hashtag, #CyberAware. Share online safety advice and links to resources on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter using the hashtag #CyberAware.
  • Join the #ChatSTC discussion. We host weekly #ChatSTC Twitter chats during NCSAM, corresponding to the weekly themes.  Check the STOP. THINK. CONNECT website for information about these and other upcoming Twitter chats. Use the hashtag #ChatSTC to join the conversation. 
  • Make NCSAM your profile picture. Download NCSAM profile images for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. 
  • Promote NCSAM daily on social networks. Download our suggested social media posts, memes and videos that you can easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn during NCSAM! Be sure to use the #CyberAware hashtag.
  • Follow & Like NCSA. Join us on TwitterFacebook and Google+. NCSA will post additional tips, resources and other updates throughout October.