Cybersecurity and the Connected Car

Statement from Michael Kaiser, National Cyber Security Alliance Executive Director


WASHINGTON, D.C., July 24, 2015 – As connected – and even driverless – cars become more of a reality on our roads today and less of a future invention, we are greatly concerned by recent vulnerabilities exposed in certain vehicles that allowed remote access and control while the car was on the road. 

Without a doubt, connecting our cars and other vehicles to the Internet will add tremendous value to our lives. However, building systems that are safe, secure and trusted is critical to seeing this technology reach its full potential.

We can count on the fact that hackers will continue to find and innovate ways to disrupt our digital lives and now potentially cause physical harm. As cars become more software driven, it is critical for the auto industry and technology developers to collaborate and address building auto systems with security by design. And it’s not just automobiles. Connected cars barely scratch the surface of a fast-growing Internet of Things universe. As more everyday products get smarter and consumers connect even more – at home and on the go – it’s important that we make it easier for them to keep those devices and technologies safe and secure.

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