FBI Probes Baseball Breach: Statement from Michael Kaiser, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)


As the FBI and Justice Department investigation into the Astro hack unfolds, we will learn more about the extent and details of this game-changing data breach. However, what is clear today is that securing our digital data – and in this case, intellectual property – is an issue that permeates every sphere of our lives, from baseball dugouts and business boardrooms to kitchen tables and visits to the doctor’s office.

This unfortunate event reminds us that it is not just cybercriminals, nation states and hacktivists that seek valuable information stored on networks. Threats can come from anywhere. It is also a serious reminder that accessing networks without permission can have legal consequences and that part of sharing the responsibility for cybersecurity means teaching everyone how to use the technology ethically and to respect ideas, information and content created by others. 

This incident should serve as a reminder to all business that their intellectual property is the crown jewel of their business. If they haven’t already, business leaders should be asking: what are our most valuable assets, how are we protecting them, can we detect threats in a timely manner and what is our best response if an unauthorized person or group attempted to access or steal that information.

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