National Cyber Security Alliance Supports Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

Raising public awareness, NCSA offers actionable tips for Americans


Washington, DC, Nov. 14, 2014 – Urging consumers to learn more about America’s critical infrastructure, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) announced its support for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awareness campaign that encourages the public to educate themselves about the nation’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors. From the electrical grid, financial services, healthcare and public health to water systems, food/agriculture and government facilities, our critical infrastructure plays a vital role in our nation’s day-to-day operations. Each November, DHS focuses on engaging and educating public and private sector partners about these systems and how they support our daily lives.

Consumers and businesses alike can be a part of preparing for and mitigating threats to our critical infrastructure. In our increasingly Internet-connected world, cyber attacks are launched through multiple channels such as malware, phishing emails, unpatched software, and network-traveling worms and are carried out by a diverse set of criminals including cybercrime syndicates, hacktivists, botnets and nation-state cyber warfare programs.

As President Obama recently highlighted in his Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month proclamation, “In the face of a diverse set of physical risks to our infrastructure ‒ from extreme weather and the impacts of climate change to health pandemics, accidents and acts of terrorism ‒ we are taking steps to reduce our vulnerabilities. And because the majority of our critical infrastructure is owned and operated by private companies, we are encouraging the private sector to recognize their shared responsibility.”

“It is likely the general public has not given much thought to the critical infrastructure that surrounds and supports their daily lives or how they interact with these vital sectors of our society and economy.” said Michael Kaiser, executive director of NCSA. “In our digital age everyone should have some knowledge about critical infrastructure and any role they play in protecting it. Because we are connected via networks and the Internet, people should be aware that when they take steps to be safer online they are making the Internet more secure for everyone.”

With nearly 70 percent of companies responsible for the world’s power, water and other critical functions reporting at least one security breach that has led to the loss of confidential information or disruption of operations taking steps to secure the cyber and physical aspects of the country’s infrastructure is imperative.

Against this backdrop, NCSA promotes the following DHS recommendations:

·      Learn more about critical infrastructure security and resilience. Follow @DHSgov on Twitter and post infrastructure security and resilience efforts, tips, news and resources on social media using the hashtag #infrastructure.

The National Cyber Security Alliance encourages consumers to increase their awareness about critical infrastructure. (To see how individual’s Internet use impacts our critical infrastructure, visit In addition, everyone should take the time to be sure they are taking the necessary steps—updating software, implementing two-step authentication, and being cautious in sharing information—to use the Internet safely and more securely.

For more resources on how to strengthen the security and resilience of our nation’s infrastructure and how to get involved, visit:

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