Statement on Security of Photos Stored in the Cloud

Apple is now reporting that the recent cyber attack on celebrities that led to the posting of private, intimate photos was a targeted attack on passwords, security questions and logon names. In the wake of this update and the unfortunate results for those violated by this stolen personal data, NCSA is getting a lot of questions about how to prevent this kind of attack. To keep your information and accounts as secure as possible, we always recommend setting up two-step verification (also known as two-factor or multi-factor authentication) where possible. Two-step verification requires an additional piece of information, such as a one-time-use password texted to your phone, in addition to traditional password and logon. To protect your accounts and your online identity, it’s important to use all the security tools at your disposal. Apple’s iCloud offers two-step verification that can be set up at recommend Apple users take advantage of this feature. Many other of the web’s most popular sites offer these tools as well.

To learn more about two-step authentication and see a list of the leading websites that offer authentication tools, check out and this video from NCSA and STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

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