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Michael Kaiser from NCSA is the first guest

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Washington, DC, Nov. 20, 2014
 – The Lares Institute announced today the launch of the CyberSide Chat Series—a new way to bring thought leadership to you. Technology continues to change how we learn and gather information, and the Lares Institute has launched this series to make thought leadership more readily available through the use of technology. According to Executive Director Andrew Serwin, “The goal is to have conversations with thought leaders in a small setting, but to make the conversations more accessible via technology.” Serwin continued, “The goal is to move the fireside chat into the 21st Century, through ‘cyberspace’, and therefore these will be CyberSide chats.”

The topics will also focus initially on cybersecurity, but will also include a variety of other topics and issues over time.

The National Cyber Security Alliance is one of the leading cybersecurity organizations, and the Lares Institute is also pleased to announce that the first CyberSide Chat was recently completed, and Michael Kaiser, the Executive Director of NCSA was the first guest. “NCSA was honored to kick off the CyberSide Chat series. We applaud the mission to inspire conversation utilizing technology in order to create a culture of cybersecurity; the Cyberside Chats offer a perfect platform in which to do so,” stated Kaiser. “With the recent success of October’s National Cyber Security Alliance Month, we are now eager to spread the word about Data Privacy Day on January 28 and other year-round initiatives designed to keep consumers and businesses safe online. There is no shortage of critical information to share, and we are committed to supporting these Chats.” A link to the Chat with Michael Kaiser can be found here.

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The Lares Institute is a think tank that researches issues related to emerging technology and information governance issues, including: cyber-terrorism and national security; health care; consumer protection; Internet-based issues, including online retail and children’s online concerns; cloud computing and social media; ERISA; and privacy litigation. Executive Director Andrew Serwin has been named to Security Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential People in the Security Industry, and ranked second by one leading IT publication on their Best Individual Privacy Advisors list. He is also the author of “Information Security and Privacy: A Guide to Federal and State Law and Compliance”, published by Thomson-Reuters. You can learn more about the Lares Institute at

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