White House and the National Cyber Security Alliance Join Forces to Launch

Leading Technology Companies and Nonprofits Collaborate to Help Consumers Move Beyond the Password and Adopt Strong Authentication for Key Online Accounts


Washington, D.C., Sept. 28, 2016 – As called for in the President’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan, the White House, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and more than 35 companies and NGOs today launched a new internet safety and security campaign, “Lock Down Your Login,” to empower Americans to better protect their online accounts. The goal is to encourage a move beyond usernames and passwords to a widespread adoption of strong authentication for key online accounts. The majority of Americans (72 percent) believe their accounts are secure with just usernames and passwords. 1 Usernames and passwords simply are not enough; hackers and cybercriminals continue to evolve their attack techniques, and users must improve their security to better protect their accounts.

The campaign is launching at a time when Americans are more connected than ever: 73 percent go online daily, and one in five are constantly connected. 2 Coupled with increased connectivity are high levels of concern about identity theft, device security and risks such as phishing. In fact, a recent NCSA/Microsoft study found that preventing identity theft is the top online safety topic that both U.S. adults and teens (ages 13-17) would like to learn more about.Additionally, teens reported that unauthorized account access is their top online safety concern. 3 Although Americans consistently express high levels of concern about identity theft, device security and risks such as phishing, many are either not aware or not using widely available, simple technologies to better secure their online accounts. Americans expect the cybersecurity community to help solve the problem. In another study, 78 percent of Americans reported they strongly or somewhat agree that government, industry and other stakeholders should work to find new ways of securing accounts beyond the password. 1

The Lock Down Your Login initiative is a key pillar to the Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) and an effort to empower Americans to secure their online accounts. The new campaign is timed with the launch of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. NCSA and the campaign partners are asking all Americans to fortify their key online accounts by locking down their logins in October and make the internet safer for them and more secure for everyone. Check out the new animated video calling America to action on the Lock Down Your Login website.

Taking advantage of stronger authentication can alleviate some of the worry about being online. It’s simple, quick and free on most popular social media, banking and email services. It ensures it’s actually you trying to access your account by providing multiple forms of verification – like something you know, have and/or are such as security keys, biometrics or entering a unique code sent to you as a text or provided by an app on your mobile device.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to remember that personal information is extremely valuable and protecting it should be a high priority for everyone,” said Michael Kaiser, NCSA’s executive director. “This campaign is truly a collaborative effort, and we are thankful to our Lock Down Your Login sponsors and partner organizations for their support and commitment to our shared responsibility of promoting cybersecurity and online safety awareness.”

Oct. 1 will mark six years since NCSA and the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) launched the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. ™ campaign.  Developed by a public-private partnership of industry, government and NGOs, the campaign has grown to be the global banner for cybersecurity education and awareness with more than 700 partners in 20 countries across the globe. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security leads the federal engagement in the campaign. The Lock Down Your Login initiative demonstrates the power of a collective multi-stakeholder effort to harmonize a message and use existing and new resources to achieve widespread distribution to internet users, further building on the foundation that the STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ campaign was developed to achieve.  

To learn how to make your online accounts as secure as possible by locking down your login or become a partner, please visit

About the Lock Down Your Login Campaign

The Lock Down Your Login campaign, a key public-facing pillar of the multifaceted Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) announced by the White House in February 2016, is a STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ campaign led by the National Cyber Security Alliance and developed by a coalition of industry leaders and like-minded organizations working in collaboration with government who understand the importance of cybersecurity awareness and education. The campaign was built upon a broad, coordinated effort to increase consumer awareness of our individual and collective roles in cybersecurity. The campaign’s sponsors include CompTIA, Google, Javelin Strategy & Research, Mastercard, mcgarrybowen, Mozilla Foundation, PayPal, TeleSign, True Key™ by Intel Security, Twitter Inc., Visa Inc., and Wells Fargo & Company. Learn more about our partners and how to lock down your login at

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[3 ] In June 2016, Zogby Analytics was commissioned by NCSA to conduct and online survey of 804 teens (ages 13 – 17) and 810 parents in the U.S. The margin of error for both  groups is +/- 3.5 percentage points, Keeping Up with Generation App: NCSA Parent/Teen Online Safety Survey, September 2016;

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