Coordinating the fight against cybercrime

Mar 10, 2009 10:58am

By Michae Kaiser, NCSA Executive Director
One of the main arsenals we have to fight cybercrime and cyber criminals are collaborative, coordinated efforts between tech companies, law enforcement, and prosecutors. Cybercriminals, like all criminals, are opportunistic. If they see an opportunity to get away with a crime because it won’t be investigated or prosecuted, they will seize it.

To be effective in combating crimes involving technology we need to ensure that our law enforcement, prosecutors, and the judges that hear cases have the training they need.  Today, to address that issue, McAfee (an NCSA board member and supporter) announced grants to the Council of Europe and the National District Attorneys Association to initiate better coordination and training efforts.

We hope this is the beginning of even more aggressive efforts to fight cybercrime and provide law enforcement and prosecutors the tools that will help them build cases and get convictions.