#CyberAware: Be the change for a better internet this Safer Internet Day

Feb 7, 2017 6:04am

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This month, we’re sharing resources to help you promote a better internet for Safer Internet Day (and year-round!) along with recent online safety news.

digital civility challenge
Timely Resources from NCSA and Partners

  • It’s Safer Internet Day! Started in Europe more than a decade ago, recognized around the world and led in the United States by ConnectSafely.org, Safer Internet Day is an international awareness and education effort to make the internet and the world a better place for us and our kids. One part of building a better internet is examining we treat each other online, or in other words, our digital civility. Marking Safer Internet Day and in an effort to study people’s behaviors toward and interactions with others, Microsoft just released the Digital Civility Index. Check out the findings on perceptions of online behavior and risk here.
  • Want to learn more about kids’ online privacy and safety this Safer Internet Day?
    • Safer Internet DayWatch our latest video, The Internet of Me and Privacy, to learn about what the expanding world of connected devices means for your – and your kids’ – personal information.
    • Check out these parent guides from ConnectSafely, which discuss what you need to know about mobile phones, the latest apps, student privacy and more.

women in cybersecurity
ESET Announces Cybersecurity Scholarship for Female Students 

Parents: As you know, it’s never too early to start planning for college. ESET has always supported women in technology. Learn more about the company’s new scholarship for female students.

New Blog Posts

  • The Digital Civility Index: As communicating and creating communities online increasingly becomes one of the primary ways people interact, we must focus on how we treat each other in our digital worlds and understand that the line between online and offline becomes blurrier all the time. NCSA Executive Director Michael Kaiser spoke with Jacqueline Beauchere, Microsoft’s chief online safety officer and a former chair of the NCSA Board of Directors, to learn more about Microsoft’s recently released Digital Civility Index and its work in promoting digital civility globally.
  • Privacy Mindfulness: Personal information, particularly health care information, is being exposed in more places, through more “things” and to more people every day, which is creating new risks for people, businesses and society as a whole. Global citizens are more concerned than ever about their privacy and the security of the personal information they share with others, with good reason. Privacy expert Gamelah Palagonia – a speaker at NCSA’s 2017 Data Privacy Day event at Twitter’s headquarters – shares tips for being mindful when it comes to your privacy.

Online Safety in the News

  • 7 Ways to Protect Your Private Cellphone Data From Hackers: With so many scary headlines about data breaches and ID theft, you’ve probably taken steps like installing antivirus software and setting strong passwords, but you may not have given much thought to how secure your smartphone is. Molly Triffin of LearnVest shares seven smartphone security precautions to help keep your private data out of the hands of hackers.
  • Data Privacy Day stresses online safety tips: Data Privacy Day may be over, but it’s important to remember the importance of protecting your personal information year-round. Larry Magid, a tech journalist and online safety activist, discusses simple steps you can take to protect your online accounts, manage your privacy on social media, search engines and more.

one good thing
How You Can Promote a Better Internet This Safer Internet Day

  • Watch the Safer Internet Day live stream from Philadelphia. Youth leaders, educators, policy makers, parents, internet safety experts and executives will gather to discuss online safety and how we can all promote kindness and positive social action online. 
  • Share one good thing you’ve done or seen someone else do to make the internet a better place on social media today, using the hashtag #OneGoodThing. Follow the conversation today – and join in! – using the hashtags #SaferInternetDay and #SID2017. 

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