#CyberAware: Hassle-free tips for a safe & secure summer vacation

Jun 12, 2017 6:59am

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vacation#CyberAware is a family-friendly newsletter from the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA).  This month, we’re highlighting tips to help you and your family make online safety part of your summer travel and recent online safety news.

Timely Resource from NCSA

  • It’s high time for summer travel! Fifty-five percent of Americans plan to take trips this year, up from 51 percent last year. Whether you’re heading to a family reunion, taking a quick weekend getaway or flying to an exotic locale, chances are you’ll use your connected devices for planning and booking your trip and while navigating your destination. If you practice these  these travel-inspired to-dos , you will help your family have a safer and more secure summer escape.

civilityNew Blog Post: Improving Safety and Building Trust Through Digital Civility

As technology advances and becomes even more embedded in our lives, it’s increasingly important to think about how we treat one another online.  Jacqueline Beauchere – Microsoft’s chief online safety officer and a former president of the NCSA Board of Directors – recently spoke at the George Washington University Law School about Microsoft’s work in digital civility. Beauchere shared findings from Microsoft’s Digital Civility Index and discussed how treating people with kindness online can help combat online pitfalls like cyber-violence, hoaxes and misinformation. Learn more about the index and these important online safety issues in this blog post.

Online Safety in the News

  • cleaningHow to Spring Clean Your Digital Clutter to Protect Yourself: Looking to take your online safety to the next level this season? Take a simple, proactive step by cleaning up your digital junk. Learn how you can help protect your – and your family’s – online presence and information with these tips on secure data and device disposal, account cleanup and more.
  • Here’s How to Protect Your Phone From Hackers: Last month, actress Kelly Rohrbach was the latest celebrity caught up in a photo hacking scandal. These increasingly frequent attacks remind us how easily personal information can be compromised. Learn more about hacking and how to protect your connected devices. 
  • An Identity Thief Stole My Phone! Sheryl Roth, an investigator at the Federal Trade Commission, shares her story about having her purse – containing valuable personal information – stolen. She also provides tips for protecting your digital identity and key accounts from cybercrime.

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