Cybersecurity and the supply chain

Jul 27, 2009 2:13pm

By Michael Kaiser, NCSA Executive Director

One area of cybersecurity that the public rarely thinks about but is of great concern to government, hardware and software manufacturers, and others concerned with the integrity of cyber space is ensuring that software is free from hidden threats.

The concern is that along the way from creation to distribution some kind of malicious software could get bundled into what is otherwise good software and infect networks. Since software is now developed and distributed across the globe, the challenges of ensuring that software is free from malicious code are growing. A new report from Safecode entitled The Software Supply Chain Integrity Framework  is an easy to read non-technical publication that can give you a great introduction to the topic and a better understanding of what steps are needed to secure the software supply chain.

Cybersecurity is multi-faceted with lots of players involved in protecting their parts of the cyber space. At NCSA, we think is important for all Americans to have a basic understanding of what cybersecurity means and to take the steps needed to protect the computers and networks they use.

SSO (stay safe online),