Excellent new resources from the FTC

Dec 5, 2009 5:30pm

By Michael Kaiser, NCSA Executive Director

Of the many online safety resources available for parents and kids, the Federal Trade Commission’s web resources are some of the best. Two new FTC resources continue their efforts to bring useable, comprehensive information to consumers.

The first FTC resource is a PDF guide called “Net Cetera,”  meant to assist parents in discussing online safety with their kids. The guide covers how to talk to children of different ages, how kids use mobile phones and the Internet to socialize and communicate, how to protect your computer from malware, how to use parental controls, and more. It is also available in print from the website.

The second FTC resource is a special site for kids called “You Are Here.”   The site is set up as a virtual mall for kids to navigate and each “store” offers a lesson in how to become a smart consumer. The lessons involve designing ads and playing games, while helping kids understand important consumer concepts.
Both resources offer incredibly valuable insight for parents and children who want to be smart and safe Internet users and consumers in the 21st century.  The FTC’s portal for even more information to stay secure and safe online is On Guard Online.

SSO (stay safe online),