Microsoft publishes Building Global Trust Online

Apr 14, 2011 2:03pm

By Michael Kaiser, NCSA Executive Director

This week in a blog posting  Brendon Lynch Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft (Microsoft is an NCSA Board member company) announced the publication of Building Global Trust Online: Policy Perspectives on Privacy, Security, and Safety.

In his post Mr. Lynch states “It’s intended as a starting point for discussions with policymakers on these important and sometimes difficult issues and also provides good insights into Microsoft’s perspective on key issues. Building Global Trust Online relies on extensive work and ongoing research by Microsoft’s internal teams as well as consultation with external subject-matter experts.”  In our estimation it is a significant publication and quite extensive. It covers over 30 topics from critical infrastructure protection to privacy in online advertising and mobile devices and youth safety (note that each section is available as a standalone document quite helpful for those interested in a specific issue). Each section has a bit of background on the topic and then a Microsoft approach and other considerations, such as policy.  Some sections even have straightforward advice and guidance for consumers, parents and caregivers along with other helpful Internet resources that will be useful to broad audiences.

We were most pleased to see that Microsoft included STOP. THINK. CONNECT. in their recommendations and encourages widespread participation in the campaign. Microsoft was one of over 20 companies and several Federal agencies that worked with NCSA and the APWG to develop the message and the campaign. Since the campaign launched last year, Microsoft has helped create new materials to spread the message such as videos  that can be used by anyone to help educate people to stay safer and more secure online.