National Cyber Security Awareness Month is over and what a month it was!

Oct 31, 2009 11:26am

By Michael Kaiser, NCSA

Thirty-one days has October and every one was put to good use this year during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It was far and away the best one ever. It will take a while to compile all the results but we do know the hits to our website at least tripled and that organizations and companies endorsing the month also tripled.

We had some firsts as well.  President Obama made a video on the importance of awareness. Both the House and the Senate passed resolutions supporting the month.  Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III, and White House National Security Staff Acting Senior Director for Cybersecurity Chris Painter and others helped launch the month at an event on October 1.

What really made the month work were how many other companies, government entities, schools and colleges, and nonprofit groups got involved in awareness. We have heard about great events and coordinated efforts across the country.  So many great people did so much great work we will be writing thank you notes till New Years. Everyone took the month’s theme—Our Shared Responsibility—to heart.

In the weeks ahead we hope to report some of the great examples of awareness activities that took place as a way of getting everybody thinking—that’s right it’s not to early—about next year.

Cybersecurity requires our vigilance 365 days year.  So the work continues.

You have the thanks of the staff and Board of NCSA for everything you have done. We look forward to ongoing collaboration to secure the Nations cyber assets .

SSO (stay safe online)