National Small Business Week Reminds Us That Cybersecurity Education is Critical

May 1, 2017 10:08am

cybersecurity trainingHere in the U.S., we are celebrating National Small Business Week (NSBW), April 30 – May 6, an annual event hosted by the Small Business Administration that recognizes small businesses and entrepreneurs. Last year NSBW dedicated one of its keystone events to cybersecurity, where Security Researcher Stephen Cobb from IT security firm ESET noted that small businesses are not immune to attacks. In fact, they are significant targets because they often don’t have the same resources that larger organizations do to safeguard their data and systems.

With cyber education an increasingly important piece to a layered security approach, ESET really wanted to find out if employees are getting any cybersecurity training in their workplace. Our survey ‒ released this week ‒ revealed that more than 30 percent of staff have not received any form of cybersecurity training, and the smaller the company, the more likely it is that employees do not receive any training.   

And, perhaps a surprise, employees would take voluntary training; 49 percent said they would attend cybersecurity training, even if it were optional. Check out our infographic below – and see it alongside the full survey results here.
cybersecurity training

As part of the ongoing effort to bring PEOPLE + TECHNOLOGY together to ensure a safer digital world, attainable resources – like so many useful ones the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) provides – are key. We added to the arsenal and launched a free cybersecurity awareness training program. With this cyber education training, organizations can easily ensure their employees get the cybersecurity training they need while meeting regulatory compliance at the same time. 

Forbes recently had an article with the headline “Why Cybersecurity Should Be A No. 1 Business Priority For 2017.”  This holds true for small businesses, and as organizations continue to fight for cyber awareness, we will be right alongside them, working to make securing your technology and your workforce as painless as possible. 

About the Author

ESET is a global IT security firm that has been making software to protect businesses and individuals from cyber threats for nearly 30 years. As a NCSA board member company, ESET is proud to stand alongside them and help educate the public on cybersecurity issues and challenges.