April 6, 2021

Spotting a Vaccine Phishing Scam: Can You Find the Red Flags?

Many of us have seen COVID-related scams hit our inboxes in the past year. It's no secret that scammers try to take advantage of times of panic and uncertainty, when people are most vulnerable, to steal personal information.
Today, with the rapid development and distribution of COVID vaccines, many Americans are going online and sharing personal information to join waiting lists and book appointments before slots become filled. Scammers are altering their tactics to take advantage of this excitement. As we eagerly check our emails for vaccine updates and confirmations, it can be hard to tell the difference between a legitimate email and a phishing attempt. 

February 8, 2021

Romance Scams

A whirlwind romance and being swept off your feet by the perfect partner form the basis of many Hollywood romantic movie scripts. And as many of us are romantics at heart, the desire to believe it’s a possible scenario is burnt into our very being. In the harsh reality of life, though, scammers play on these emotions and use that desire to take cash fraudulently and destroy dreams. Romance scammers, with fake profiles and identities, strike up relationships with their potential victims on popular dating apps and through social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. They create elaborate stories of being in international business, working offshore with oil companies, actively serving in the military or even as an aid worker or doctor doing great things within impoverished communities. One thing for certain is they are not close by or in a position to meet.

February 1, 2021

Diversity in Cybersecurity: Our Shared Responsibility

This year, to kick off Black History Month, we want to shed light on some very important issues in our national community, as well as the cyber security community. It is critical to recognize that as minority communities make up more and more of the US population, the statistics for Black faces in Tech and InfoSec remain low.