Sometimes, it's the small things

Feb 12, 2009 1:47pm

By Michael Kaiser, NCSA Executive Director

At NCSA, we are true believers about the capacity of the Internet to be transformative to our daily lives.  Whether it’s the convenience of online banking, shopping at 3 AM in pajamas, networking with friends and family, or starting a new web-based business, the Internet has opened up new worlds.

We when we think of protecting the cyber infrastructure, most often, and with good reason, we are compelled by ensuring that we keep the Internet secure and safe to protect our economy, individuals, and our communities. Protecting our cyber infrastructure means protecting all of us.

Every so often something comes along that reminds us that we need to protect the little things as well. This was clearly demonstrated in an article this week in the Washington Post about Arturo Porzecanski, an economics professor at American University who came down with a rare blood disorder, so rare in fact that there are only about 100 known cases. However, through RareShare, a website set up to connect people with rare diseases, Mr. Porzecanski was able to connect with a small number of geographically diverse victims and their families who are also battling this disease, give and receive support and champion their cause. It’s an amazing story, and a reminder that protecting the Internet benefits everyone.