The cyber defenders of tomorrow

May 8, 2010 1:37pm

By Michael Kaiser, NCSA Executive Director

Critical to our success in protecting our digital assets is ensuring that young people consider and seek careers in cybersecurity. We need to build out our math and science curriculum in the K-12 years to ensure that high school graduates have the basic knowledge to build in college.

In addition to providing the academic training, we need to spark and inspire young people about the possibilities of careers in cybersecurity. One the best ways we have of doing that is through cyber challenges, competitions where young people engage in simulations to defend networks from attackers.

One such effort was developed and implemented by SAIC (an NCSA Board member Company). Using the online gaming platform they developed for schools across the country, SAIC recently launched a special competition in San Diego. With the help of Mayor Sanders, they launched the San Diego Mayor's Cyber Cup San Diego.  Young people from several high schools and middle schools were involved. In the end the four best teams competed for the cup.  Learn more about the program and see a video of the kids in action at SAIC’s page devoted to the program. Watch the video the completion. It will give you hope for our cyber future.

This combination of schools, private industry, and local government are the essential ingredients for success.

SSO (stay safe online),