The RE: View for January 2017

Feb 3, 2017 12:57pm

Jan. 2
Mobile Security Turns Into Big Business for Cyber Firms
As the bring-your-own-device culture in the workplace grows, so does the number of potential cyber threats in any organization. In response to the growing prevalence of employees using their own smart devices for work, many cybersecurity companies are offering “mobile threat defense” – security apps, scanning services and other tools to help organizations protect their employees’ devices. Security executives discuss the types of threats specific to mobile devices, the challenges in protecting employee devices and the best options companies have in this early stage of mobile threat defense. 

Jan. 12

Why risk management is critical in cybersecurity
The new National Association of Corporate Directors handbook says that cybersecurity “is a risk management issue, not an IT matter.”  According to the resource, business leaders don’t have to have expertise in cyber threats but should be able to access that knowledge and think about how cybersecurity impacts their companies overall. U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Justice leaders discuss their history of working with companies to guard against cyber threats and the importance of collaborating on attacks and sharing threat information between government and corporations. 

Jan. 19

Why the U.S. needs a Smokey Bear of cybersecurity
CNN Tech
Many people remember government PSA taglines like “buckle up for safety” or Smokey the Bear, but there has not been quite as large-scale a campaign for cybersecurity awareness. National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) Executive Director Michael Kaiser emphasizes the need for similar large investments in cybersecurity campaigns: “More of the population uses technology than drives…and [our] car culture is omnipresent and requires everyone to have a basic level of doing it well. Otherwise people would be getting hit by cars all the time. The same is true of cyber.” CNN Tech reporter Selena Larson discusses NCSA’s efforts to educate the public about strong authentication and other important aspects of cybersecurity and teach businesses about combating cyber threats.

Jan. 26

Are you safeguarding your data? Tech leaders talk digital privacy
The Mercury News
On Jan. 26, tech and privacy experts gathered at Twitter’s headquarters to discuss a range of privacy issues in honor of Data Privacy Day. The daylong event featured in-depth conversations on topics ranging from connected toys to how startups can implement strong privacy protections. About two thirds of Americans are concerned about “not knowing how their online personal information is used,” and as privacy and security become more prominent in consumers’ minds, it becomes even more important for businesses to clearly communicate their data use, collection and sharing practices. Reporter Queenie Wong shares expert insights from the event and highlights the complicated nature of issues like ownership of data collected by fitness trackers (particularly when they are worn by college athletes) and connected car security.