The RE: View for May 2017

Jun 7, 2017 9:22am

May 10

4 questions businesses should be asking about cybersecurity attacks
Technology is advancing, and so are cybercriminals’ methods and tactics – meaning it’s important to be “thinking about security at a high level.” Reporter Conner Forrest shares highlights from RSA senior director of advanced cyber defense Peter Tran’s remarks at the 2017 Dell EMC World conference. Tran discusses the common anatomy shared by many cyber attacks on businesses, the factors that make certain hacks more publicized than others, why and how it could be important to know the source of a hack and what solutions can help protect against breaches.

May 15

Cyberattacks Are Certain. Cybersecurity Business Is Not.
According to reporter Shira Ovide, cyber breaches are “a fact of life” for businesses, but “what’s less clear are the winners and losers” among security companies. Following the recent WannaCry attack, many cybersecurity companies like Proofpoint, FireEye, Qualys and Barracuda saw growth in their stock market share prices. Ovide discusses the predicted rise in businesses’ cybersecurity spending over the coming years and the growth in competition among security companies as technology evolves and advances. 

May 16

WannaCry Ransomware Attack Demonstrates Value of Cybersecurity Best Practices
Business News Daily
The recent large-scale ransomware attack WannaCry “demonstrates yet again the value of an airtight cybersecurity policy,” according to reporter Adam C. Uzialko. While this particular attack targeted big organizations like Britain’s National Health Service and Spanish company Telefonica, small businesses must prepare against these types of attacks as well. Uzialko shares security experts’ recommendations for protecting against WannaCry and similar attacks: installing the latest operating system updates, updating anti-virus software and backing up all company information. This piece also discusses the methods hackers use in ransomware attacks, like email phishing scams and compromise of USB storage devices.

May 24

4 Cybersecurity Best Practices to Bolster Small Business Defenses
Chief legal officer and senior vice president of business development Jonathan Gelfand at Santa Monica-based company Beachbody says, “no company is immune” to cyber attacks, and “any company that interacts with consumers, processes credit cards or has sensitive data…will be a target.”  Journalist Wylie Wong discusses the growing threat landscape with Gelfand and other experts, highlighting cybercriminals’ interest in small businesses because of their valuable client and financial information and potential shortage of resources dedicated to cybersecurity compared to those at larger organizations. The security experts share recommendations for making cybersecurity a priority for all employees, approaching security in an inclusive manner while preparing for breaches, protecting mobile and Internet of Things devices and considering managed security services.