The Public Service Information Community Connection ( is proud to support Data Privacy Day with this 4-day event that will focus on the potential of DATA ANALYTICS/AI DATA PRIVACY, and some of the most pressing DATA SECURITY concerns facing our public service.

Can Privacy and Data Analytics co-exist? Should we be concerned about the potential RISKS associated with increased rates of DATA SHARING? Are we exposing ourselves to larger CYBER SECURITY threats as we digitize?

They can. Yes we should be concerned, and yes, we most certainly are.

Now is the time for PRIVACY to take a front seat. As our public institutions harness new technologies, “ways of doing business”, and continue to innovate at unprecedented rates, the opportunity exists to truly collaborate to eliminate the old mindset of Privacy and Security being a barrier to innovation instead of an enabler.

The 2021 Data Privacy Week is a virtual conference dedicated to discussing our most current and pressing issues.



Date & Time

February 1, 2021 12:00 pm (EST)