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As a 19-year veteran of Lockheed Martin, 13 years as a cybersecurity professional, and five years at the infamous Skunkworks, there have been many lessons learned through technically challenging experience, as well as being a member of a mostly male team. Female cybersecurity professionals often have great technical skills but may be the only female member of an engineering team creating feeling of isolation and frustration. My proposal is to Be Embedded in the team.

There are several correlations between securing embedded systems and being a female cyber professional embedded on a team. Exploring the requirements of a system can lead to clues for embedding into a team, such as how you communicate. Developing positive communications and reaching across other organizations for encouragement set the stage for success and validation of requirements. Reserve the temptation to become “one of the boys”. Seek mentoring and mentor others. Be technically strong by keeping up with the areas of cyber interest to you- be the expert and giving back to the community through STEM events.


Date & Time

October 24, 2019 2:00 pm