March 19 is National Ag Day! Celebrate by learning how to protect our country’s agri-business industry.  Precision agriculture employs a variety of embedded and connected technologies that rely on remote sensing, global positioning systems, and communication systems to generate big data, data analytics, and machine learning. These technologies allow for more precise application of agricultural and livestock management inputs such as fertilizer, seeds, and pesticides, resulting in lower costs and improved yields. A consequence of this rapidly advancing digital revolution is the increased exposure to cyber and other vulnerabilities to the agricultural sector. This webinar will bring together two of the authors of the recently published Cyber Threats to Precision Agriculture to highlight the potential vulnerabilities arising from using precision agriculture, identify potential threat scenarios and suggest possible best practices for producers and related agri-businesses.


Daniel Eliot, Moderator
Director, Small Business Education
National Cyber Security Alliance

Mike Matson, Intelligence Analyst / Cyber
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Louisville

Pete Mutschler, Speaker Environmental and Safety Director
CHS Inc.
Board Member, ResponsibleAg



Date & Time

Tuesday, March 19, 2-3 p.m. EST