In 2020, the world’s citizens experienced a broad spectrum of events that disrupted people’s lives, from economic turbulence, to the pandemic, to social movements, environmental disasters, and much more. While technology has raced to lead and respond to these times of change, data privacy practices are often left behind, leaving individuals to wonder just how private their data is.

Data Privacy Day 2021 will look at privacy through the lens of the various changes we’ve faced in the past year, and will not only provide a survey of the current privacy landscape, but expert insights on where we as individuals and organizations can improve. 


Featured Sessions:

Privacy and Poverty

Researchers Mary Madden and Michele Gilman share insights into the vulnerabilities that low-income people face as a result of the collection and aggregation of big data and the application of predictive analytics.

Privacy Considerations for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have become a major focus in the hiring practices for many organizations. However, these programs often involve the collection and storage of the personal data of employees and job applicants. In this session, Brendon Lynch, CPO of Airbnb will explore the privacy implications of diversity and inclusion initiatives and how companies can protect the privacy of their employees.

How COVID-19 Changed Data Privacy

From contact tracing to telework practices, panelists will discuss how the privacy landscape has shifted during COVID-19 and what this means for the future of privacy.

Creating a Culture of Privacy

Data privacy involves more than just compliance. A successful privacy program needs to be embedded into the foundation of an organization. When done correctly, your privacy program will benefit your customers, employees and overall business. In this session, we’ll take a holistic look at privacy and discuss how to build a culture of privacy into your organization.






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Date & Time

January 28, 2021 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm (EST)