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Privacy Ref is proud to announce that we are an official training partner of the IAPP. You now have the opportunity to learn from one of our knowledgeable privacy professionals using the most respected training content in the industry. The robust interactive training offered, aids in the understanding of critical privacy concepts. The contents of the courses are integral to obtaining your privacy certifications and to educate your new team.

Privacy Ref Workshops supplement IAPP courses. The Workshops are practical, hands on experiences assisting you to apply the tools and approaches discussed in the training to your unique privacy program.

Each class includes:

  • Two full days of training
  • Participant guide
  • Voucher to sit for the certification exam
  • Sample questions to prepare for the exam
  • Electronic version of the text book
  • A 1 year IAPP membership (applied to a renewal for current IAPP members)

Courses Offered

Privacy Program Management (CIPM)

Privacy Program Management teaches you how to create and manage a privacy program. It gives you the tools to answer day-to-day questions about privacy operations. The CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in privacy program management. When you earn a CIPM, it shows that you know how to make a privacy program work for your organization.

The Applied Privacy Program Management course combines the CIPM training with a one-day Privacy Ref Workshop. The workshop takes theory into practice, utilizing the material from the CIPM course and demonstrating how to apply it to your individual program.

The workshop includes:

  • Defining a mission/vision statement
  • Identifying your stakeholders
  • Applying the GAPP model
  • Defining metrics for your program
  • and more

European Data Protection (CIPP/E)

This two-day training encompasses pan-European and national data protection laws, key data protection terminology and practical concepts concerning the protection of personal data and trans-border data flows. The global gold standard in European data protection certification.

U.S. Private-Sector Privacy (CIPP/US)

U.S. Private-Sector Privacy provides an overview of data protection laws and regulations in the U.S and an understanding of the legal requirements for the responsible transfer of sensitive personal data to/from the U.S., the EU and other jurisdictions.The Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US) program was the first professional certification ever to be offered in information privacy. The CIPP/US credential demonstrates a strong foundation in U.S. privacy laws and regulations.

Privacy in Technology (CIPT)

Privacy in Technology bridges the gap between technology and privacy. It allows technologists to become privacy savvy and privacy pros to be more tech savvy. The CIPT is the first and only certification of its kind worldwide. It was launched by the IAPP in 2014 to meet the growing need that only tech pros can fill—securing data privacy at all stages of IT product and service lifecycles.


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Delray Beach, FL 33444

Date & Time

January 28, 2019 9:00 am