In Honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, NY Metro InfraGard, in Partnership with The National Cyber Security Alliance Present: Human Behavior in Cybersecurity! Please join us for a fireside chat and panel as public and private sector experts from various industries and disciplines discuss cybersecurity’s human-centric factors. Topics include the current methods that threat actors use to exploit human behavior to advance their operations, such as social engineering and co-opted blended attacks. We will also discuss client-side risks, how insider threat has evolved in 2020, and the tools, technology, and frameworks that exist to detect threats and mitigate cybersecurity risk.



Welcome Remarks

  • Kelvin Coleman – Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance
  • David Solano – President, NY Metro InfraGard


  • Special Agent (SA) Steve Wintonick – InfraGard Coordinator, FBI – New York Office

Fireside Chat

  • Assistant Special Agent In-Charge (ASAC) Richard T. Jacobs  – Cyber Branch, FBI NY Field Office
  • Caitlin Durkovich – Director, Toffler Associates – Member of the Board InfraGard National Members Alliance
  • Jennifer Gold – Vice President,  NY Metro InfraGardPanel
  • Moderator: Roger Hockenberry – CEO, Co-Founder, and Partner of Cognitio
  • Lynn Hoffman – President, Cibernetika
  • Col. Andrew O. Hall – Former Director, Army Cyber Institute
  • Murang Pak – President and Chief Operating Officer, Global Risk Advisers


Closing Remarks

  • Jennifer Gold – Vice President, NY Metro InfraGard



Date & Time

October 21, 2020 2:00 pm