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There are only two types of companies: those that know they’ve been hacked and those that don’t realize they’ve been hacked.

This new reality requires board members to be more proactive than ever before in understanding how cyber risks affect their company’s risk profile and strategic plan. Is your board really prepared to oversee cyber risk? Are you ready to respond efficiently and effectively to a cyberbreach? What have you done, and what has your board done in conjunction with your C-suite team, to prepare for a cyberattack?

Join an elite group of multinational corporate directors, C-suite executives, cyber experts, global law enforcement officials, and other thought leaders from around the world  to gain valuable insight into key cyber-risk issues. Assimilate the leading board-oversight practices and learn about practical action items that directors should implement to help defend their companies against the most critical cybersecurity issues that threaten to exploit and destabilize our global infrastructure.


The Hotel President Wilson
47 Quai Wilson
1211 Geneva 8, Switzerland

Date & Time

April 17-18, 2018