On Data Privacy Day, join privacy and technology experts for a roundtable discussion on how technology is affecting the job market for data privacy professionals at all stages of their careers. What technology do data privacy pros need to know now, and what technology should they be thinking about for the future?

Join this free, LinkedIn Live event to hear from privacy job market professionals and privacy technology experts on topics like:

What can technology do for privacy professionals & programs today?

What should technology be doing for privacy pros & programs tomorrow?

How should savvy privacy professionals use technology to increase the maturity of their privacy programs?

Where is the gap in what technology should be doing for privacy programs, but isn’t?

Where can technology help commoditize parts of the compliance process?

What routine tasks will privacy pros be able to offload using technology?

How will privacy tech now & tomorrow impact the job skillsets – both technical and program-based – needed for job-seekers in the privacy space?


LinkedIn Event

Date & Time

January 28, 2022 10:00 am - 11:00 am (ET)