The Revison of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act – Is the revised Swiss Data Protection Act merely a copy of the GDPR?

Nearly three years after the Federal Council published the first draft (VE-DSG) to revise the Swiss federal Data Protection Act (FADP), the Parliament finally agreed on a revised law. The revised FADP will contain many changes compared to the current Swiss Data Protection Act. Some of these changes had been hard debated in the Swiss Parliament. David Vasella and David Rosenthal will give the audience valuable insights on the changes and explain important differences towards the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), give practical guidance on the implementation as well as further recommendations and interpretations.


Dr. David Vasella, CIPP/E, CIPM, Partner and Head of the Tech and IP team, Walder Wyss

David Rosenthal, Partner and Head of Data Privacy, VISCHER



Date & Time

January 19, 2021 10:30 am (EST)