ABC News, October 24, 2016

How Your Internet-Enabled Device Could Be Hijacked to Launch Cyber-Attacks

Your internet-linked baby monitor may be participating in a major cyber-attack, and you don’t even know it. While experts have been warning for some time that the proliferation of devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) -- like web-connected baby monitors, cars, smart speakers, DVRs and even cars -- posed a new threat in cyberspace, a major cyber-attack on Friday has given new impetus to calls to bolster the security of the devices, which are more popular than ever.
FOX News, October 19, 2016

Millennials fall for tech scams too, survey warns

Millennials are more likely than you might think to fall prey to a tech scam, new research reveals. Earlier this week, Microsoft and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) released surprising takeaways from a global survey they conducted this past summer on tech scams and the everyday consumer.
NBC News, October 17, 2016

It’s Not Just Grandma Getting Scammed These Days

You may want to take a cyber security lesson from grandma and grandpa. Savvy scammers are succeeding in duping a new demographic — millennials. Microsoft and the National Cyber Security Alliance conducted a global survey looking at the new methods fraudsters are using — and who is falling victim to them. They found millennials are being snared, while seniors are being even more skeptical when reached by a scammer.
Men's Health, October 17, 2016

6 Password Mistakes That Leave You Exposed

No one wants to remember 37 unique passwords for 37 different accounts. That’s why two thirds of Americans reuse the same code across multiple sites, finds a new survey commissioned by the digital security and password manager site But what seems convenient can backfire big time, says Michael Kaiser, executive director of the non-profit National Cyber Security Alliance.
SC Magazine, October 14, 2016

Millennials want in on cyber careers

As the cybersecurity unemployment rate hovers at zero and the number of jobs in the field continue to grow, a recent study has found millennials and younger generations are taking an interest in cybersecurity as a career.