International Business Times, February 2, 2016

Hackers’ Ransom Attack on California Hospital More Proof Healthcare Cybersecurity is Floundering

Who would have thought that, for healthcare professionals, performing surgery, working long hours and navigating the dense world of U.S. health law would be easier than protecting hospital computer networks? That, however, appears to be the case after yet another hospital was victimized in a cyberattack. It’s just the latest example of a U.S. medical provider on the wrong end of a digital assault made possible by a lack of security measures.
Christian Science Monitor, January 29, 2016

Survey: Consumers reject companies that don’t protect privacy

Concerned with security and privacy online, consumers are turning away from companies they don't consider trustworthy stewards of their personal data. According to a study released Thursday by the data privacy company TRUSTe and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), 89 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t patronize companies that don't adequately protect their data. This is down slightly from last year's 91 percent.
CBS News, January 28, 2016

Survey: More Americans worried about data privacy than income

How concerned are American consumers about their data privacy? The answer: very. A new report from the TRUSTe/National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) Consumer Privacy Index reveals that more Americans are worried about their data privacy than they are about losing their main source of income. Worries over online privacy topped the loss of personal income by 11 percentage points, the report said.