The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) has created the National Cyber Security Education Council (NCEC), a public-­‐private partnership between government and industry to help address formal cybersecurity education in the United States.

The NCEC will formulate a broad agreement as to how government, industry, and the education community can:

  • Forge a unified path forward for formal, cybersecurity education
  • Develop a cyber-capable workforce and digital citizenry, and
  • Grow a workforce strong and savvy in cybersecurity.

The objectives of the NCEC are to enhance formal cybersecurity education programs (including kindergarten through grade 12, higher education, career programs and technical programs) to support the development of a cyber-capable workforce and development of a skilled, professional cybersecurity workforce for both the private sector and government.

By working through a broad coalition of stakeholders representing government, industry, academia, and the nonprofit sector, the NCEC aims to form consensus around the opportunity to develop cybersecurity as a culture, an academic discipline, and a career.

Outcomes for this effort will include recommendations, guidelines, and strategies that will be used by government, industry, academia and others to inform how and where investments are being made, how to best leverage existing resources, and where to develop new initiatives.  The hope is that this strategy will help speed and expand institutionalization of cyber security education by providing guidance to public and private funders about where investments are needed and what kinds of results should be returned on those investments.