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Get involved and promote a safer, more secure internet.

  • Learn more, get involved and do your part to make the internet safer and more secure for everyone. The theme for NCSAM is Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT. #BeCyberSmart #CyberAware
  • STOP. THINK. CONNECT. is the global online safety education and awareness campaign to help all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online. #ChatSTC
  • Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust is the theme for Data Privacy Day (DPD). #PrivacyAware
  • Protect your business, employees and customers from online attacks, data loss and other threats. #CyberSecureMyBiz

What's New?

Become A NCSAM Champion
How would you like to live in a world with a safer, more secure and more trusted internet? Become a National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion and help us make that world a reality!
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Announcing a new theme and fresh branding for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.
Sextortion: What to Look Out For and What to Do if You’re a Victim
The threat of sextortion is becoming more and more common. Learn more about this scam, what to look out for and what to do if you're a victim.
5 Steps Capital One Customers Should Take Following The Data Breach
If you’re a Capital One Customer or believe your data may be among that which was accessed, here are 5 steps you can take to help safeguard your personal information and mitigate any impact.

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