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  • Learn more, get involved and do your part to make the internet safer and more secure for everyone. The theme for Cybersecurity Awareness Month is Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart
  • Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust is the theme for Data Privacy Day (DPD). #PrivacyAware
  • Protect your business, employees and customers from online attacks, data loss and other threats. #CyberSecureMyBiz
  • Cybersecurity Education & Career Resources
    Free resources and programs for teachers, students, career changers, veterans, and more!
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While the cybersecurity industry is growing fast, it faces a massive shortage of talent. @LisaPlaggemier provides a few tactics for organizations to inspire individuals toward a career in cybersecurity. @ToolboxforHR
2021 was a chaotic year for the cybersecurity industry, particularly due to ransomware and the continued emphasis on remote work. @LisaPlaggemier reflects on the past year with @ConnectedWMag
Before making any online purchase, be sure that all internet-connected devices are running the most current versions of software so bad actors can't break in. https://t.co/LJSaJWmeus #becybersmart #onlineshopping #holidayseason https://t.co/5XByxBbwzi