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Heather Adkins

Vice President, Security Engineering

Heather Adkins is a 22-year Google veteran and founding member of the Google Security Team. 

As VP, Security Engineering, she has built a global team responsible for maintaining the safety and security of Google’s networks, systems and applications. She has an extensive background in practical security, and has worked to build and secure some of the world’s largest infrastructure. She is co-author of Building Secure and Reliable Systems (O’Reilly, 2020), co-chairs CISA’s Cyber Safety Review Board, and has advised numerous organizations on how to adopt modern defendable architectures.

Get to know Heather Adkins

Why did you want to join the board of the NCA?

I wanted to join the board of the NCA because I believe in the importance of collaboration and shared responsibility in cybersecurity. The NCA plays a crucial role in bringing together industry leaders, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to address cybersecurity challenges collectively. By serving on the board, I can contribute Google’s expertise and resources to help advance the NCA’s mission and make a meaningful impact on cybersecurity practices globally.

How does your company’s mission align with the NCA mission of empowering a more secure, interconnected world?

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. This aligns closely with the NCA’s mission of empowering a more secure, interconnected world. Google is committed to building products and services that prioritize user privacy and security, and we are continuously innovating to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. By working together with the NCA, we can leverage our technology and resources to promote cybersecurity awareness, education, and best practices, ultimately helping to create a safer online environment for everyone.

What is one way everyone can work together to improve cybersecurity behavior change?

One way everyone can work together to improve cybersecurity behavior change is through continuous education and training. It’s essential to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves online effectively. This includes understanding common cyber threats, recognizing phishing attempts, and implementing strong password practices. By offering accessible and engaging cybersecurity training programs, we can empower people to make informed decisions and adopt secure behaviors in their daily lives.

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