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CyberSecure My Business™

Cybersecurity is a core business function,   learn how to manage it

The Cybersecure My Business program delivers a blueprint for small and medium sized business owners and operators to manage their companies’ cyber risk without a technical background.

Cybersecurity can be confusing.

You’ve heard about small businesses being hacked. Cybercrime incidents cost money, time, stress, and other troubles. So, you bought cyber insurance and hired an IT company to manage your systems. You brought in an expert to train your staff what emails not to click…But you still don’t quite understand “cybersecurity”.

 It’s easy to get lost in the maze of technical resources, products, and tools and wonder what you actually need to protect your business. Cybersecure My Business brings this all under one roof to simplify cyber risk management and identify what you need, what you don’t, and how to manage cybersecurity like any other part of your business.


Course features:

What will you learn?

The Cybersecure My Business program equips small business leaders with the core understanding of how your business is vulnerable to cyber attacks and how you can manage this risk. By completing this course you will learn:

This course may be for you if:

Cybersecure My Business doesn't end with the course

Ready to join?

We work with sponsors to try and fund each cohort so there is no financial cost to the participant. When sponsorship is not available, participants are able to enroll on a fee basis. Simply join the waitlist and we will reach out when the next cohort is launching.

Our Sponsors:

Get Involved

Sponsor a cohort

Engage your stakeholders

Sponsor the Program

Cybersecure My Business sponsors make a financial contribution to support a specific cohort of 30 small & medium sized businesses to receive this training at low or no cost. Cohort sponsors receive a series of benefits built to showcase their commitment to the small business community and the private sector as a whole.

We work with companies to deliver a customized Cybersecure My Business experience to their suppliers, franchisees, portfolio companies and other stakeholders. In addition to boosting their third party risk management, these sponsors receive a series of benefits built to showcase their commitment to their stakeholders and in-depth reporting on the program results.

Program sponsors support multiple cohorts of small businesses, and can choose to do so within a specific industry. Program sponsors receive content opportunities and marketing benefits. Benefits are built to showcase their commitment to small business and the specific industry they choose to support. 

Other questions?

Reach out to for any other questions about the program.

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