Managing Your Privacy

Always On Privacy Basics

Your mobile devices – including smartphones, laptops and wearables – are always within reach everywhere you go, and they share substantial information about you and your habits. Follow these basic privacy tips to help you better manage your personal information.

Tips For Parents On Raising Privacy-Savvy Kids

Every child is taught basic physical safety and security, like not talking to strangers and fastening seat belts before driving. Teaching young people easy-to-learn life lessons for online safety and privacy begins with parents leading the way.

Privacy Tips For Teens

You learn, connect with friends and play games online. Just as you look both ways before crossing the street (which we hope you do), take these precautions to keep yourself safer online.

Privacy Tips For Older Adults

Going online lets you keep learning and connect with friends and family. Just as you lock your doors, take precautions before using the internet to be sure you can get the most out of being online.

Managing Your Privacy Settings

Learn how to update your privacy settings on popular devices and online services.