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Week 1 Twitter Chat: STOP. THINK. CONNECT.: Online Safety for Everyone
Virtual (Twitter chat)
Oct 02, 2014
Join us in kicking off National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014 with a chat about the simple measures everyone can take to stay safer and more secure online.

Time: 3 p.m. Eastern/noon Pacific
Guests: Microsoft (@Safer_Online), Visa (@VisaSecurity), AT&T (@ATT), McAfee (@McAfeeConsumer), ESRB Privacy Certified (@ESRBPrivacy), PRIVATE WiFi (@PrivateWiFi), ESET (@ESET), The National Cyber Security Alliance (@StaySafeOnline)

Use #ChatSTC to join!

How to Decide Which HIPAA Policies to Adopt - Webinar by MentorHealth
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 02, 2014
This online session hosted by MentorHealth will explain the process for covered entities and business associates to decide which policies to draft, adopt, implement and enforce to achieve HIPAA compliance and the process for deciding what should go into each policy.

Time: 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT

For more information and to register, please visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800384LIVE/

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Oct 02, 2014
This year SCIT, along with ISACA and Team Matrix, is proud to present the annual Cyber Security Awareness Month at the SIC campus. SCIT is the only institution in India that conducts this event every year. We have plenty of online events and flagship day events lined up for you that are aimed at spreading knowledge and awareness about information security along with bringing a fun element. To learn more and register, visit http://teammatrix.org/category/csam-2014/. 

Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention Seminar
City Hall, 444 4th Street, Port Arthur, TX
Oct 03, 2014

The City of Port Arthur is hosting an identity theft and fraud prevention seminar. Identity theft is America's fastest-growing crime. According to the 2013 FTC Consumer Sentinel report, Texas had the eigth highest number of identity theft complaints and the 10th highest number of fraud complaints among the states. 

Reid Tepfer, attorney with the Federal Trade Commission and Mark Sletto, special agent with the United States Secret Service, will provide information on fraud activity and how you can protect your identity and other assets online and in everyday life. All attendees will receive complimentary identity theft materials provided by the Federal Trade Commission.

Time: 9-11 a.m. 

The seminar is free to the public. To reserve a seat, visit https://is.portarthur.net/csa, send an email with your name and contact number to rsvp@portarthurtx.gov or call 409-983-8111.

University of Virginia NCSAM Presentation and Discussion
Kaleidoscope Room, Newcomb Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Oct 07, 2014
Join us for a presentation by Gene Fishel, senior assistant attorney general at the Virginia Attorney General's Office. All are welcome, registration is optional and snacks will be provided. 

Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.

For more information about this and other University of Virginia NCSAM events, visit http://www.virginia.edu/informationsecurity/events/cybersecurity/

HIPAA Enforcement - Focus on Breaches and Random Audits - Webinar By MentorHealth
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 07, 2014
This online session hosted by MentorHealth will discuss the HIPAA audit program and how it works and discuss the areas that caused the most issues in the 2012 audits. We will explore what kind of issues and what kind of entities had the most problems, show where entities need to improve their compliance the most, explore the typical risk issues that lead to breaches of health information and see how those issues may be a target for auditors in 2014. 

Time: 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT

For more information and to register, please visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800360LIVE/.  

New York Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference
St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 07, 2014
A coalition of organizations forming the NY Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference welcomes security professionals, managers and students to our inaugural event. The conference, which is only $25 to attend, features a wide range of workshops on strategic insights and technical knowledge, including cloud computing from three different directives - aligning priorities of CFOs. CISOs and CIOs to leverage business benefits, security and assurance, social media investigations, emergency response and forensics, malicious insiders and malicious outsiders, auditing cyberinsurance policies, auditing cyber-response and incident preparedness and the U.S. cybersecurity framework (NIST). This conference is the first collaborative event cooperatively developed, organized and sponsored by the local chapters of the leading information industry organizations, ISACA, ISSA, (ISC)², InfraGard, OWASP and the Cloud Security Alliance.

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

For more information and to register, please visit http://www.nymjcsc.org/

SafeNet Crypto Club
Pinstripes, 3849 Gallagher Drive, Edina, MN
Oct 07, 2014
Join us for the third meeting of the SafeNet Crypto Club - Twin Cities. Learn what a true crypto management platform entails in today's encryption landscape, and hear about specific use cases and case studies. This is the perfect event for chief information officers, IT professionals and others in the enterprise invested in cyber security. 

Time: 3-6:30 p.m. CT

To register, visit http://www.pages05.net/safenetinc/NORAM-2014-AUG-DP-EVENT-CryptoClub/index.html. 

Johnson County, Kansas, Cyber Security Conference and Expo
111 S. Cherry, Suite 200, Olathe, KS
Oct 07, 2014
As part of NCSAM 2014, Johnson County is hosting its 6th annual Cyber Security Conference and Expo. This year's theme is Securing Our Digital Future: The Internet of Things.

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

 The event is free and open to the public. To register and view the agenda, please visit http://www.jocogov.org/.  

Advancing a Holistic Approach to Strategic Cybersecurity
Marshall Student Center, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Oct 08, 2014
Advancing a Holistic Approach to Strategic Cybersecurity is the Florida Center for Cybersecurity's inaugural conference. This event will bring together experts and decision makers from industry, government and academia to exchange ideas, network and explore innovative approaches to counter cyber threats. Attendees will hear two keynote addresses from leading cyberseurity experts and benefit from multiple breakout sessions designed specifically for technical staff and top decision makers. Sessions will address topics such as cybersecurity best practices and secure mobile communications, and the event will also feature an enterprise cyber-defense exercise, a panel discussion with industry leaders, opportunities for networking and more. For more information about the event and to register, visit http://www.usf.edu/cybersecurity/outreach/index.aspx.

Developing the Cyber Security Workforce - Expert Panel
Silver Spring Civic Center, 1 Veterans Plaza, Silver Spring, MD
Oct 08, 2014
Per Scholas is leading the charge to open the doors to entry-level, career-track positions in cyber security. We're working toward bridging the regional skills gap in the National Capital Region. Cyber security is a in a growth phases across the United States, and together we're developing tailored training that will create a prepared talent pipeline for this growing industry. For more information about the event and to register, visit http://www.eventbrite.com/e/developing-the-cyber-security-workforce-expert-panel-tickets-12570545841.

OSHA Inspections: Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes - Webinar by MentorHealth
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 08, 2014
This online session hosted by MentorHealth will present the ways in which OSHA inspections may be initiated, the things you can do to help prevent an inspection before it starts and the ways you can manage an inspection while it is going on and afterwards to help mitigate its effects and reduce fines and penalties.

Time: 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT

For more information and to register, please visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800377LIVE/

Audits in the Health Care Industry: Getting Ready for an Outside Audit - Webinar by MentorHealth
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 08, 2014
This online session hosted by MentorHealth will outline the basic ingredients you will need to get ready for an outside audit of your organization or practice by a regulatory or law enforcement agency. The session will give you a complete understanding of why it is important to prepare, the risks involved and the strategies to tackle outside audits.

Time: 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT

For more information and to register, please visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800382LIVE/

Assessing Risk in Human Research Protocols - Webinar by MentorHealth
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 08, 2014
How a study is designed can minimize potential risks to participants, and studies that have minimal risk have greater options when it comes to using an expedited review system and options for consent. Risk rating affects how elaborate of a data safety monitoring plan will be required and masures put in place to protect privacy for the individuals and confidentiality of the data. This webinar will give you insight into how research studies are assigned risk ratings, what these ratings mean and what you can do to minimize risks to participants.

Time: 1-4 p.m. ET

To learn more and register, visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800390LIVE/~sel=LIVE/~Sarah_Fowler-Dixon/~Assessing_Risk_in_Human_Research_Protocols.  

Week 2 Twitter Chat: How to Build a Safer, More Secure and Trusted Internet
Virtual (Twitter chat)
Oct 09, 2014
Building security into information technology products is key to improving cybersecurity. But sometimes, the software and apps we use on our devices have vulnerabilities. We'll teach you what to look for when creating and downloading these products.

Time: 3 p.m. Eastern/noon Pacific
Guests: Microsoft (@Safer_Online), AT&T (@ATT), ESET (@ESET), ESRB Privacy Certified (@ESRBPrivacy),The National Cyber Security Alliance (@StaySafeOnline)

Use #ChatSTC to join!

Strategies and Tactics for Retrospective Denied Claims Appeals - Webinar by MentorHealth
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 09, 2014
This online session hosted by MentorHealth will discuss strategies and tactics for better outcomes on retrospective denied claims appeals and how to weave together the clinical, technical and legal components for effective denials management and improved revenue cycle management. Done correctly, providers can positively impact a hospital's financial bottom line.

Time: 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT

For more information and to register, please visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800366LIVE/. 

Be Prepared for a HIPAA Security Audit - Webinar by MentorHealth
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 09, 2014
This online session hosted by MentorHealth will discuss what the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) will review when conducting a security audit and explain key elements of the HIPAA Privacy and Security and Breach Notification Rules and what processes and safeguards must be in place to ensure appropriate protection of electronic protected health information.

Time: 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT

For more information and to register, please visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800385LIVE/. 

Cyber Security EXPO
ExCeL London Exhibition and Conference Centre, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, United Kingdom
Oct 8 - 9, 2014
Cyber Security EXPO is a new event designed for those who want to protect their organizations from the increasing commercial threat of cyber attacks. Co-located with IP EXPO Europe, Cyber Security EXPO has been designed to provide chief information security officers and IT security staff with the tools, new thinking and policies to meet the 21st century business cyber security challenge. Attendees will discover how to build trust across the enterprise to securely manage disruptive technologies such as cloud computing mobile, bring your own device (BYOD), social media, identity and access, encryption, GRC, analytics and data. For more information and to register, please visit http://www.cybersec-expo.com/. 

Security at Scale: The Hacker Spectrum
Google DC Office, 25 Massachusetts Avenue NW, 9th Floor, Washington, DC
Oct 09, 2014
For most people, the security team at Google is a black box. But every day, they’re hard at work protecting Internet users and their data and making the Internet a safer place for everyone. Parisa Tabriz is Google’s “Security Princess” - that's her official job title! She has worked on information security at Google for more than seven years, starting as a "hired hacker" software engineer for Google's security team, and she currently leads safe browsing efforts in Google Chrome and Chrome OS. Parisa will share her perspective on common threats to Internet users by talking through the varying motivations and methods of modern “hackers,” and how in some situations, being hacker-friendly can lead to better software security.

Time: 11:45 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
Lunch will be provided.
Come learn about what Google’s Chrome security team is doing to keep users safe while they browse the (sometimes hostile) web. You can RSVP here. Sign up today - space is limited.

VASCAN Conference
University Student Commons 2nd floor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Oct 9 - 10, 2014
VASCAN exists for the purpose of strengthening information technology security programs within the Commonwealth of Virginia. IT managers, IT security professionals, technical staff and auditors from higher education, K-12, government and law enforcement are all encouraged to attend this very informative conference. For more information on the event and to register, please visit http://vascan2014.vcu.edu/.

ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals Workshop
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, 55 Water Street, 29th Floor, New York, NY
Oct 9 - 10, 2014
The Connecticut, New Jersey and New York Metropolitan ISACA Chapters present for the first time in the United States the ISACA CSX Cybersecurity Workshop.  The CSX Fundamentals workshop is designed to provide an understanding of the central cybersecurity concepts and insight into the importance of cybersecurity and the integral role of cybersecurity professionals. 

This workshop is limited and provides a unique opportunity to advance your cybersecurity expertise and credibility. The course is full preparation for the CSX Fundamentals examination, which will be available online beginning Oct. 1, leading to the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate.

For the agenda, an event summary fee information and registration, please visit http://www.cvent.com/events/cybersecurity-fundamentals-workshop/invitation-17fe2fade4f44518a277ba56bf19cadc.aspx. 

The Super Run and Book Launch Party in support of Savvy Cyber Kids
Brook Run Park, 4770 Georgia Way South, Dunwoody, GA 30338
Oct 12, 2014
The Super Run is a family fun run in support of the nonprofit Savvy Cyber Kids in recognition of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Following the run will be a book launch party to celebrate the release of the third book in the Savvy Cyber Kids children's book series, The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home: Adventures Beyond the Screen. For more information on the event schedule, maps and routes, registration and volunteer opportunities, visit the Super Run website.

Cybersecurity Day @ NSU
Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Oct 14, 2014
Cybersecurity Day, an event for about 200 high school students from the Miami-Dade Public School System, will include exciting presentations by several special agents from federal law enforcement agencies and hands-on activities to encourage learning about the "three C's" of cybersecurity and the top 10 cybersecurity skills to know. The event will conclude with a lunch and distribution of StaySafeOnline.org certificates for all participants. For more information, including pictures from last year's event, please visit http://scis.nova.edu/~levyy/CyberSecurityDay/. 

SC 2014 Cyber Security Awareness Seminar
Columbia Conference Center, 4430 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC
Oct 14, 2014
This event, which is being offered free of charge, will feature a number of national and statewide industry experts discussing a wide range of current and future cyber security concerns.

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

For more information and to register, visit https://www.ohr.sc.gov/DT/training/DT-training.phtm. 

HIPAA Fundraising: What You Need to Know, What You Need to Do - Webinar by MentorHealth
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 14, 2014
In 2013, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services made major changes to rules implementing the Health Insurance and Portability Act of 1996 )HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2003 (HITECH), and these changes significantly modify the methods that healthcare organizations may or must employ when using patient or client information for fundraising. This webinar will cover how to effectively implement the fundraising regulations in a manner that increases both opportunities for philanthropic support and compliant implementation of the new mandates.

Time: 10 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

For more information on the session and to register, please visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800381LIVE/.

Identity, Privacy and the Internet: Q&A with Dr. Suzanne Barber from the Center for Identity
Virtual (Google Hangout)
Oct 14, 2014
Students, like the rest of us, are using the Internet more and more, and when they go online to do schoolwork, chat with their friends, or do anything else, they put themselves at risk of cybercrime. Computer viruses can corrupt their files, hackers can steal their data and criminals can trick them into revealing sensitive information. Dr. Suzanne Barber is the director of the Center for Identity at the University of Texas-Austin. Dr. Barber works on building solutions to help people and businesses manage and secure their personally identifiable information. In this webinar, she will join us to discuss why protecting our identities is so important and best practices for keeping your data and your identity more secure online.

Time: 7-8 p.m.

For more information and to join, visit https://plus.google.com/b/118289609437384384583/events/c5jkpp1flm38mct9530f1pgcvqs.

University of Virginia NCSAM Presentation and Discussion
Kaleidoscope Room, Newcomb Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Oct 15, 2014
Join us for a presentation by Ron Buchanan, senior director, information security operations, and Chris Tignor, vice president, information security and risk management at Capital One, Richmond, VA. All are welcome, registration is optional and snacks will be provided. 

Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.

For more information about this and other University of Virginia NCSAM events, visit http://www.virginia.edu/informationsecurity/events/cybersecurity/

Securing Our Critical Infrastructure & The Internet of Things: A National Cyber Security Awareness Month Keystone Event
Emerald Plaza, Westin San Diego, San Diego, CA
Oct 15, 2014

In support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the San Diego Cyber Center Of Excellence (CCOE) is honored to host a national keystone event in conjunction with U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Cyber Security Alliance. The event will include a continental breakfast, a DHS keynote address, remarks from California elected officials, panel discussions on critical infrastructure and the Internet of Things and remarks from Andrew Lee, CEO at ESET North America, introducing the CCOE. There is no cost to attend. For more information and to register, please visit www.octobercybersandiego.eventbrite.com.  

West Virginia's 6th Annual Cyber Security Conference
West Virginia Culture Center, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston, WV
Oct 15, 2014
In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we will offer a free half-day program open to public-sector officials and employees and the general public. This event will feature dynamic presentations delivered by world-class experts in the areas of cyber threats and effective practices to safeguard information, with an emphasis on individual responsibility, accountability, risk management and privacy issues.

For more information, the agenda and registration, please visit http://www.wv.gov/services/Pages/Infosec-conference.aspx.  

Week 3 Twitter Chat: Securing the Internet of Things
Virtual (Twitter chat)
Oct 16, 2014
According to Cisco, there will be 50 billion Internet-connected devices by 2020. The Internet of Things - the ability of objects and devices to transfer data - is changing the way we use technology. We'll discuss ways to secure all of your devices that connect to the Internet.

Time: 3 p.m. Eastern/noon Pacific
Guests: AT&T (@ATT), McAfee Chief Security Evangelist Gary Davis (@garyjdavis), Raytheon (@Raytheon), ESET (@ESET), The National Cyber Security Alliance (@StaySafeOnline)

Use #ChatSTC to join!

Strategies for Creating Cloud Builder Organizations Across Government
Hyatt Regency Reston, Reston, VA
Oct 16, 2014
This focused, timely program will evaluate agency options for cloud computing and how their choices impact their operations, culture, infrastructure and long-term IT planning. Featured keynote speakers include Wolf Tombe, chief technology officer, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Jennifer Gray, federal cloud lead, Security Design and Innovation Team, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Time: 7:30-10:15 a.m.

For more information, visit 

CYBERSEC Connection 2014
Phoenix TS Headquarters, 10420 Little Patuxent Pkwy #500, Columbia, MD
Oct 14 - 17, 2014
CYBERSEC is a 4-day series of training sessions geared toward helping you achieve your cybersecurity goals. Whether your focus is on cybersecurity management, investigation, defense or offense, we offer specialty cybersecurity information tracks just for you. CYBERSEC sessions include Best Practices in Handling BCP and RP, IaaS Risk Assessment, Classification Methods for Misuse Detection, WPA2 Wireless Hack with Aircrack-ing, IDA Pro for Malware Analysis, Vulnerability Analysis with Nessus, Understanding the Auditor's Options When Reviewing Security on a Government's System and more! For more information and registration, visit http://www.cyberseccon.com/ or call Ashley Wheeler at 240-667-7507.

Mid South Cyber Security Summit
FedEx Institute of Technology, Memphis, TN
Oct 17, 2014
The University of Memphis Center for Information Assurance will be hosting the seventh annual Cyber Security Summit (previously called cyber expo) at the FedEx Institute of Technology. Information assurance and cyber security experts will be onsite for presentations and networking to address current issues of cyber security. Topics may include bring your own device (BYOD), health information security, cloud security, social engineering attacks, the Internet of things and organized cyber crime. For more information and to register, visit http://cyberexpo.memphis.edu.

Cyber Risks and Identity Theft in a Global Business Environment
Miami Airport Convention Center, Miami, FL
Oct 16 - 17, 2014
This event brings into focus the ever-increasing cyber threats and the challenges faced by Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America. We will bring together IT experts, incident responders, digital forensic experts, information security personnel and e-commerce and retail industry experts, among other stakeholders. A distinguished panel of experts will address the state of cyberspace, opportunities and threats. For more information, please visit http://www.ctcbiz.org. 

Social Media Trends, Best Practices and Compliance for Healthcare Professionals - Seminar by MentorHealth
Miami, FL
Oct 16 - 17, 2014
Having a social media strategy should be an integrated part of a healthcare marketing plan, but many questions arise when deciding how to best engage in social media. Social platforms are increasingly being used by health care organizations to engage with patients and physicians, build brands and communicate information to the larger community; however, there are risks in using social media without an understanding of the differences in the platforms and the best ways to use them to communicate. Damage to the brand, exposing protected health inforamtion, violating HIPAA and potentially inviting lawsuits are just some of the ways poorly implemented social media can negatively impact your community. 

Time: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Oct. 16-17

For more information and to register, please visit https://www.mentorhealth.com/control/social-media-trends-compliance-for-healthcare-professionals-200024-seminar. 

Securing Our eCity Foundation - Miramar Family Cyber Day
Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, San Diego, CA
Oct 18, 2014
This educational program is focused on helping to protect those that protect our nation. The half-day program is specifically designed and focused on the local San Diego military personnel and their families so the can learn how to stay safer in their online activities. The event will feature workshops focused on finances, social media, ID theft and privacy and future careers and educational games for the kids. For more information about this and other Securing Our eCity events, visit http://securingourecity.org/. 

Cybersecurity: Why does it seem so elusive?
2nd Floor Community Center, Super Giant Food Store, 315 York Road, Willow Grove, PA
Oct 18, 2014
Join the Philadelphia Area Computer Society to hear a presentation by Richard Struse of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This talk will explore some of the fundamental issues in cybersecurity and how the field has evolved over the past two decades. We will explore some recent trends in cyber intrusions and what they mean for the technology consumer. Finally, we will cover some practical things that everyone can and should do to enhance their security online.

For more information, visit http://pacsnet.org/meetings.php#Oct.  

Cybersecurity for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Entrepreneurs: A National Cyber Security Awareness Month Keystone Event
Capital Factory, 701 Brazos Street, Suite 1601, Austin, TX
Oct 21, 2014
As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014, the Department of Homeland Security, Capital Factory, the University of Texas, and the Austin Chamber of Commerce are hosting an event to highlight the cyber risks, best practices and resources most applicable to small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs for protecting data and intellectual property. You are invited to join local leaders from industry and academia, along with representatives from the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance, for this important discussion.

12-1:30 p.m. - event
1:30-4 p.m. - office hours with representatives from DHS, the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the University of Texas-Austin and industry for mentorship on cybersecurity best practices for local entrepreneurs and startups

Lunch will be provided. For more information and to register, visit http://www.eventbrite.com/e/cybersecurity-for-small-and-medium-sized-businesses-and-entrepreneurs-tickets-12881716561.  

Data Security for Lawyers: The Ethical Obligations to Clients
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 21, 2014
This program is part of the Cybersecurity Core Curriculum, in which authors of The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook offer practical cyber-threat information, guidance and strategies for lawyers, law firm attorneys, in-house counsel, government attorneys and public interest attorneys. You can take each webinar individually or register for a package of webinars specifically tailored to your practice area and receive a 20% discount. For more information about the upcoming programs in the Cybersecurity Core Curriculum, visit www.ambar.org/cybersecurityseries

CSID cyberSAFE Series: Looking for a Cure for Medical Identity Theft
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 21, 2014
Many consumers are unaware of medical identity theft and the harm it can cause – both to their wallet and their health. Yet medical identity theft is the fastest growing segment of identity theft in the United States. In this cyberSAFE webinar, we will address the growing problem of medical identity theft, including electronic medical records and the threats consumers and businesses face, how medical identity theft happens and what happens to an identity once it is stolen, the impact of medical identity theft on businesses and consuemrs and what solutions and best practices businesses and consumers can implement to prevent and mitigate the impact of medical identity theft.

Time: 1-2 p.m. ET

For more information and to register, visit https://csidwebinar.webex.com/mw0401l/mywebex/default.do?nomenu=true&siteurl=csidwebinar&service=6&rnd=0.8679620175427554&main_.  

Cyber Security Summit 2014
The Commons Hotel, 615 Washington Avenue S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55414
Oct 21 - 22, 2014
The Cyber Security Summit is focused on changing the paradigm of how we look at digital space and security. Our mission is to establish a multi-stakeholder consortium that brings together industry, government and academic interests in an effort to improve the state of cyber security on both a domestic and international level. C-level executives, technology leaders, public policy makers, lawyers, forward thinking business owners, and end users interested are encouraged to join us at the Cyber Security Summit. For information on the agenda, speakers, exhibition and registration, visit www.cybersecuritysummit.org.

Insider Threat Mitigation Strategies
The Willard Intercontinental Hotel, 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC
Oct 22, 2014
This FCW Briefing, held during NCSAM, will help you update your personal and professional knowledge of the technologies and strategies in use to identify anomalous behaviors, mitigate data loss and prosecute unauthorized insider activities. Learn how agencies are striking a balance between security, privacy and mission requirementsand the tools and services they are deploying to improve their overall security postures.
Time: 7:30-11:45 a.m.

For more information, visit http://fcw.com/insiderthreat

Luncheon at NASDAQ in Honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014: A National Cyber Security Awareness Month Keystone Event
New York, New York
Oct 22, 2014

Week 4 Twitter Chat: Keeping Your Business Safe Online
Virtual (Twitter chat)
Oct 23, 2014
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. But they don't always have the best cybersecurity guidelines in place. We'll discuss ways small businesses can protect their organization, customers and employees.

Time: 3 p.m. Eastern/noon Pacific
Guests: AT&T (@ATT), Visa (@VisaSecurity), ESET (@ESET), The Better Business Bureau (@BBB_US), CSID (@CSIdentity), The National Cyber Security Alliance (@StaySafeOnline)

Use #ChatSTC to join!

University of Virginia NCSAM Presentation and Discussion
Kaleidoscope Room, Newcomb Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Oct 23, 2014
Join us for a presentation by Rob Fuller of Mubix, Room362.com and hak5.org. All are welcome, registration is optional and snacks will be provided. 

Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.

For more information about this and other University of Virginia NCSAM events, visit http://www.virginia.edu/informationsecurity/events/cybersecurity/

CyberSEED: Cybersecurity, Education, and Challenge Week
Rome Ballroom, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Oct 20 - 23, 2014

The Comcast Center of Excellence for Security Innovation (CSI) at the University of Connecticut (UConn) is sponsoring the first-ever CyberSEED: Cybersecurity, Education and Challenge Week.

The conference will consist of multiple events, including panels and addresses by industry leaders in cybersecurity and three cybersecurity competitions for students with more than $100,000 in prizes. For more information about the program, speakers and competitions and to register, please visit http://www.csi.uconn.edu/cybersecurity-week. 

M3aAWG 32nd General Meeting
Boston, MA
Oct 20 - 23, 2014
The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) is holding a 10th anniversary meeting to bring the cybersecurity industry together to collaborate on protecting end users and online messaging, mobile and voice platforms. This general meeting will feature more than 35 sessions, including keynotes by both Dan Geer and Brian Snow looking at the state of cybersecurity efforts. This meeting is open to M3AAWG members and invited guests and speakers. For more information, visit www.m3aawg.org

Securing Our eCity Foundation - Cyber Defenders' Day
National University Campus, Aero Court Drive, San Diego County, CA
Oct 25, 2014
The Securing Our eCity Foundation is hosting a program for the greater San Diego Boy Scouts of America. The Scouts will learn more about cyber defense and safer online practices and engage in activities and games that can be attributed to earning their cyber merit badge. For more information about this and other Securing Our eCity events, visit http://securingourecity.org/. 

Cybercrime and Law Enforcement Panel Discussion: A National Cyber Security Awareness Month Keystone Event
International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, Orlando, FL
Oct 26, 2014
This event is a panel discussion session taking place during the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in Orlando, Florida. For information about this session and other events during the conference and to register, please visit the IACP 2014 website.

Protecting Your Electronic Devices
Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, PA
Oct 21 - 28, 2014
Learn specific tips and information about how to maintain security on your personal home computers, cell phones and tablets. Gain awareness and information on how to avoid phishing scams and maintain up-to-date software for the protection of information contained on personal devices. For more information on cost, location and registration, visit the Workforce Development & Continuing Education website and search the course catalog or email wdce@pct.edu

Upcoming HIPAA Audits - How to Avoid and Be Prepared
Virtual (Webinar)
Oct 29, 2014
In this webinar, we will discuss some of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services changes in regards to the enforcement of HIPAA laws already on the books. We will discuss some of the new changes affecting covered entities and business associates, the factors that might cause an unwanted visit or letter from the Office of Civil Rights and how to prepare for and deal with an audit.

Time: 1:00 p.m. ET

For more information and to register, visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800402LIVE/.  

CyberMaryland Conference
Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD
Oct 29 - 30, 2014
Entrepreneurs, investors, academia and government will convene in Maryland - the nation’s epicenter for cyber security - for the fourth annual CyberMaryland Conference. Conference highlights include nationally known speakers and entrepreneurs, session topics on commercialization and product ventures, new formats like flash talks and pitch forums for startups, an innovator showcase, networking opportunities, educational opportunities, the 2014 Cyber Challenge, the Cyber Career Job Fair and the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame Awards Dinner. For more information and to register, visit http://www.cybermaryland.org.

CCRI Security Awareness Day
Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick Campus
Oct 30, 2014
Security Awareness Day is a public service event to promote security awareness; it will include sessions on the technical, legal, business and management aspects of security, presentations by Congressman Jim Langevin and the FBI and a review of privacy issues. For more information on the agenda and registration, please visit http://www.ccri.edu/securityawareness/.

Week 5 Twitter Chat: Preventing and Recovering from Cybercrime
Virtual (Twitter chat)
Oct 30, 2014
Learn ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft, fraud, phishing and other crimes.

Time: 3 p.m. Eastern/noon Pacific
Guests: Visa (@VisaSecurity), ESET (@ESET), the Federal Trade Commission (@FTC),  The National Cyber Security Alliance (@StaySafeOnline) 

Use #ChatSTC to join!

The A to Z's of HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules
Raleigh, NC
Oct 30 - 31, 2014
This two-day session is designed to provide intensive, two-day training in HIPAA compliance, including what's new in the regulations, what's changed recently and what needs to be addressed for compliance by covered entities and business associates. The session provides the background and details for any manager of healthcare information privacy and security to know the privacy and security issues, what needs to be done for HIPAA compliance and what can happen when compliance is not adequate. Audits and enforcement will be explained as well as privacy and security breaches and how to prevent them. For more information about the agenda, speakers, venue and registration, visit https://www.mentorhealth.com/control/hipaa_privacy_security.

Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare First Annual One-Day Symposium
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 899 10th Avenue #623, New York, NY
Nov 06, 2014
The Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare (JLCW) is excited to announce the first annual Cyber Warfare One-Day Symposium. Thought leaders in different sectors will engage in meaningful and much-needed dialogue on the threats cyber warfare and cyber security present in the 21st century. This conference provides attendees a unique opportunity to engage with thought leaders across industries and network with some of the top law firms, technology companies and security firms in the country. Our world-class speakers are experts in their field and will provide thought-provoking discussion, and attending this conference will provide unparalleled access to experts and thought leaders in technology, cyber security and cyber warfare. For more information and to register, visit http://conference.jlcw.org/. 

Cyber Security Idea Challenge
EIT ICT Labs, Trento Node, Via Sommarive 18 - Northern Building, First Floor, 38123 Povo, Trento, Italy
Nov 13, 2014

It is a big challenge to protect security and privacy of enormous amounts of data being collected, processed and stored in the cyber space. Lack of timely technical solutions may put at risk privacy and liberty of citizens and may endanger the growth of ICT-enabled products and services, whereas security breaches can have significant negative impact on people’s lives, jobs and property. The existing gaps between currently available techniques and the situation in practice should be filled by innovative solutions following the «privacy & security by design» paradigm.

We're looking for bright ideas in the Cyber Security for EIT ICT Labs Idea Challenge Competition. Rewards include cash prizes for each topic, coaching an mentoring from experts of the EIT ICT Labs Business Development Accelerator, integration into future EIT ICT Labs Action Line activities, integration into pan-European partner network of the EIT ICT labs and office space for up to six months in one of our CoLocation Centers.

Applications are being accepted until Sept. 30. To apply, visit http://ideachallenge.eitictlabs.eu/csp/.   

2014 Credit Union Cyber Security Symposium
Hyatt Arlington, 1325 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA
Nov 13 - 14, 2014
The National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) will host its inaugural Credit Union Cyber Security Symposium, in partnership with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). This event will cover a wide range of important cyber security issues that all credit unions and examiners should understand. Attendees will hear from policy makers and intelligence, technology and cyber security experts and see presentations on a variety of cyber security and risk topics. For more information and to register, visit http://www.nascus.org/omnisam/event/eventreg_info.cfm?product_id=259. 


International Bullying Prevention Conference
San Diego, CA - Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
Nov 16 - 18, 2014
Join over 800 professionals from around the world to attend over 40 sessions on topics specific to bullying prevention and intervention. Learn more and register at http://www.stopbullyingworld.org/index.php/attend.