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You can play a powerful role in helping your local community be safer and more secure online. The National Cybersecurity Alliance has a library of free materials, tools and information that can be used to easily teach online safety at home, at work or in your community. You can commit 10 minutes or 10 years to the cause. To make it easy, we have included a few suggestions to get you started.


A generous and extensive network of Fortune 500 corporations, educational and professional institutions, foundations and individuals support the National Cybersecurity Alliance. Through the resources they provide, our Sponsors are helping the National Cybersecurity Alliance create and implement broad-reaching cybersecurity education and awareness programs to help encourage a culture of cybersecurity. Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities to support the National Cybersecurity Alliance in its mission.

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The Champion program is a way to officially show your support for cybersecurity awareness. The National Cybersecurity Alliance has two opportunities to become a Champion: Data Privacy Day (January 28); and Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October). Becoming a Champion is easy and does not require any financial support. Learn how you can become a Champion today.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion

Data Privacy Day Champion

Awareness Month

Everyone can make a difference during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Whether you have a minute, an hour or a day – or all month long – check out ways you can participate and support Cybersecurity Awareness Month on social media, at home, at work or school and in the community.

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Data Privacy Day

You can get involved at home, at work and in your community. Take action, help create a culture of privacy and support Data Privacy Day’s theme of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. Learn how you can get involved in Data Privacy Day.

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Attend an Event

The National Cybersecurity Alliance hosts various live and virtual events throughout the year that raise awareness on all the latest cybersecurity topics. Check out the events page to see what’s happening and consider joining us at our next event!

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